Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the Decktec Decking System on Steel Joists?

Yes, Deckstrips will fit a 50mm steel  joist section. Deckstrips may be positioned with pieces of double-sided tape

How does the Decktec Decking System deal with variation in timber widths?

The patented removable spacer compresses accommodating oversized boards.

How thick is the Decktec Deckstrip?

The base of the Deckstrip is 2mm thick. It will not crack with nail or screw penetrations.

How do you “boarder off” using the Decktec Decking System?

The border may be set out in the same traditional manner. Decktec would suggest using a 2mm packer under your boarder boards to ensure the surfaces finish flush.

How do you finish the last board when using the Decktec Decking System?

Decktec will not allow you to creep boards as it maintains straight and even spaces. The final board into the dwelling may be scribed or alternatively, a square border may be set out initially.

Should I lay my boards in pairs?

Yes, laying boards in pairs either side of the removable spacer ensures progressively maintaining a straight deck every time.

How do I set up using the Decktec Decking System?

Determine the position of the leading board, set the two outer lengths of Deckstrip. Run a line between the two and fix off Deckstrip on all remaining joists straight to the line.

How do you join the ensuing strips to ensure a watertight finish?

Position the joining pads (supplied in the accessory pack) center of the join with the sticky side up. These should finish approx. 25mm underneath each Deckstrip.

How wide is the spacer?

5mm gaps for the 86mm and 90mm range, and 6mm for the 140mm range. Smaller gaps not only are more likely to trap debris and dirt, timber also needs room to swell in the wetter months, some species more than others. Insufficient spaces can lead to binding resulting in cupping or even popping.

What size joists does it suit?

Deckstrips will cover up to 50mm joists.

How long are the strips?

86mm Deckstrips are 1092mm, 90mm Deckstrips are 1140mm and 140mm Deckstrips are 1168mm

What is the product made of?

100% recycled polypropylene. They are UV stabilised and made in Australia.

How many clouts do I need to secure the product to the joists?

Generally, Decktec would recommend three clouts evenly spaced. In direct sunlight the Deckstrips may rise between fixings, this will not affect the function of the Deckstrips as boards are laid, however more clouts will reduce this if you have concerns.

How many Square meters does a 24pk carton cover?

Approx. 12.5m2

How many Square Meters does the 6 pack cover?

Approx. 2.6m2

What’s the price per square meter?

RRP is under $16/m2

What’s the price per lineal meter?


Is the product UV treated?


Are your bringing out any additional sizes?

Decktec is available in 86mm, 90mm and 140mm. Decktec is constantly meeting market demands in additional sizes.

What’s included in you Decktec Decking System?

With every Carton or 6Pack, an accessory kit is provided including fixing clouts and adhesive joining pads.

Is it normal for the Deckstrips to buckle?

In direct sunlight the Deckstrips may rise between fixings, this will not affect the function of the Deckstrips as boards are laid, however more clouts will reduce this if you have concerns.

Can you lay out the entire deck prior to fixing off boards?

Yes. However in the case your get a twisted board, a fixing here and there may be required.

Do you need to fix the joins progressively?

Although not necessary, Decktec does recommend fixing the joins to keep them tight

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