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Key Features

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reduces labour
by more than 50%

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perfect alignment

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creates safe working
area at heights

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eliminates the risk
of warpage

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start from multiple
positions with confidence

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made with 100%
recycled product

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weatherproof + protect
joist timbers

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australian designed,
patented, owned + made

Decktec- 90mm Deck strip

90mm DeckStrip is available in a box of 12 or a box of 24 strips.


  • 1140mm in Length to accommodate 12 x 90mm decking boards
  • Suitable for joists up to 50mm wide
  • Winged edges to deflect grit and water
  • Manufactured using 100% recycled material
  • UV stabilised
  • Strong durable, though easily removable spacers
  • Recessed nail locators
  • Raised ridges on fixed spacer, to penetrate timber up to 1mm with lateral expansion in damp and humid conditions
  • Australian Design, Australian Patent, Australian Owned, Australian manufactured
  • Light weight and durable



Work from multiple positions

With Decktec in place, you can now start laying your deck from multiple positions with confidence you will Meet straight every single time

No more progressive straightening

Decktec’s patented spaces guarantee to maintain progressive correcting

One single set out

One single Setout with a string or laser, and now you will know your start and finish position of every board

Trade quality finish

Removes the human element, once set out you can simply start laying your boards and achieve a perfect result

Safety at heights

Now you can create multiple working platforms with the assurance of always meeting straight

Removable spacers

With every second spacer designed to be removable, your boards with never bind or cup

Straight screw lines

With the unique stand up packer you will easily identify the centre of the joist for a perfect screw alignment on the decks surface

Build around objects

Work around spas, pools or trees knowing you will always meet straight at the other end on either side

Spend less time kneeling

Spend less time on your knees with Decktec. No more wedges, chisels, clamps. Simply set out and lay boards

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What Tradies Say

I recently replaced a deck. Decktec was perfect for protecting the splits and nail holes in the exiting Joists from water penetration, love it. - Dylan McDonald - Tweed Shire
Where has this been? You’ve made my job so much easier! - Kent Johnson - Penrith
I was able to set out the deck, and leave the apprentice and labourers to complete the job. Decktec freed up my time to run my business. - Craig McGrath - Newcastle
Being OCD, Decktec is a gamechanger! Always Straight! - Brent Hardie - Liverpool
I used this product for the first time on my own deck. It was breeze building around my spa, and reassuring that my joists are protected from the chlorine and hot water - Haydon Samuels - Mayfield
Liked that it had built in moisture protection & very straight forward to use. - Michael from One Six Construction
Great product, nice and easy to use, perfect for long runs. - Steve Wilson
Much faster for laying decking. - Brad from Killer Gorilla
I liked not having to work from same spot, my apprentice could start midway and will always meet correctly and in line. - Tom from TPG Carpentry

Proudly Members

Master Builders Association NSW
Master Builders Association QLD
Carpentry Australia

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