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A New Category in Decking

For a tradesperson in this competitive environment, time is money. So, what if we told you that with Decktec you could set-out a deck with one single string line and pack it away before leaving it in the hands of unskilled labourers to lay the decking in record time and with 100% confidence of a perfect result? Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the difference.

The Decktec Difference

In May of 2018, Decktec engaged two teams to compete in a time challenge of completing a 23m2 deck.

Each team, composed of three men, started at the same time and utilized similar tools. The only difference was one team used Decktec. The team using Decktec’s  DeckStrip beat the second team building in traditional methods by an astonishing measure. The result was incredible.

The Decktec team completed the 4600mm x 5000mm decking challenge in 3 hours and 15 minutes, before the opposing team could even reach half way. Decktec sped up the process by more than double!

  • Decktec has changed the dull routine of traditional methods of laying a deck.
  • Decktec removes the human error element.
  • For the first time you can have as many people as you like starting from random positions and guarantee a perfect result.

Benefits for the Tradesperson

Some of the many benefits for tradesmen are:

  • Once you have set out the first strip of Decktec with a string or laser, you will not be needing either of those again. Two clouts in each strip is sufficient to position the DeckStrip. These clouts are prepositioned in a sunken recess, so you’re guaranteed not to foul with your decking screws above.
  • You will know exactly where your decking boards start and finish.
    Now the leading hand may move onto the construction of another project.
  • From the initial set out, simply butt the remaining strips until the entire surface is covered.
  • Decktec allows to set-out around objects such as pools, spas, trees etc. knowing after each side has been laid, the meeting board will align straight with perfect gaps every time.
  • Decktec’s propositioned spacers now allow for any number of employees to start at multiple positions with reassurance they will always meet with perfect spacings.
  • There is no need to check for progressive straightness and tweak those boards back to straight. Decktec self corrects with every pair of boards set down.
  • With Decktec’s patented spacing design, the fixed spacing provides a 2mm provision for expansion, while the taller spacer allows for those climate affected boards which may have swelled up to 1.5mm. Once the boards are secured, the taller spacer is easily removed allowing 5mm for expansion.
  • The taller spacers have a center indicator which provides surety when keeping the screw/nail line perfectly straight along the finished deck.
  • In addition to the ease and efficiency of laying a deck, the subframe is completely protected from water and grime accumulating on the timbers which would normally lead to deterioration and rot.

Our Product

At Decktec, we have spent 3 years developing and evaluating all the intricate aspects of our products.
We offer a flawless solution for completing your deck, with never-seen-before efficiency and accuracy.

We guarantee that once you use Decktec, you won’t deck without it.


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