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Perfect Decks Twice As Fast

Decktec is a decking system & joist protector in one, its fast and simple to set out & suitable for all natural timbers & top fix composites

  • 1 single set out
  • Self-straightening
  • No individual packers
  • Position boards then fix off
  • Complete joist protection
  • 100% Australian Made


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Key Features

reduces labour
by more than 50%

perfect alignment

weatherproof + protect
joist timbers

eliminates the risk
of warpage

start from multiple
positions with confidence

made with 100%
recycled product

UV stabilised

Cartons & 6 packs

Decktec Boxes Decktec Boxes

Less than $16/m2

#1 Measure once

One single set out with a stringline or laser, now you will know your start and finish position of every board

#2 Work from multiple positions

With Decktec in place, you can now start laying your deck from multiple positions with confidence you will meet straight every single time

#3 No more progressive straightening

Decktec’s patented spacers guarantee to maintain progressive correcting

#4 Spend less time kneeling

Spend less time on your knees with Decktec. Simply set out and lay boards

#5 Build around objects

Work around spas, pools or trees etc knowing you will always meet straight at the other end on either side

#6 Straight screw lines

With the unique removable spacer, you can easily chalk a line for perfect straight screw lines

#7 Removable spacers

With every second spacer designed to be removable, your boards with never bind or cup

#8 Aesthetically appealing

Perfect for an elevated deck. Decktec will finish with straight lines and prevent unsightly joist stains

#9 Trade quality finish

Once set out you can simply lay your pre-positioned boards and achieve a perfect result

#10 Joist protection

Have peace of mind that joists will achieve their maximum life with Decktec’s rot-protection design

*based on 450mm centres


Master Builders Association NSW
Master Builders Association QLD
Carpentry Australia

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