Decktec It Yourself

Decktec™ is the latest, innovative solution to all your decking problems. Decktec™ not only helps you lay a perfect deck in a minimal amount of time, but guarantees a professional result.
Instead of spending a tedious amount of time on marking and alignment, simply lay your boards in accordance with the center indicators and secure to the joists, for an impeccable finish that will put a paid professional to shame.

Regardless of whether your deck is long, deep, or encompassed by obstructions, Decktec™ will assist in delivering a pleasing outcome.


Ease of use

Home owners and DIY enthusiasts know the satisfying feeling of building your own deck. With Decktec™ even the kids can get involved in your creative DIY tasks. By eliminating the tedious elements of the decking process, we enable the whole family to be part of your eye catching and self-gratifying home projects.


Protect your deck

Extend the life of the subframe in your decking project with Decktec™. No more rotting joists as Decktec™ provides all weather, dirt and moisture protection from your valuable framing. There simply isn’t a better way to lay a deck with the confidence of a professional finish than Decktec™.



  • Gets the job done in less than half the time
  • Perfect alignment every time
  • Easy to apply and use deck strip
  • No need for wedges or chisels in the decking process
  • Packers are not required
  • Great for elevated work
  • Ideal for protecting your frame around spas, pools, and other wet areas.
  • Protects joists from deterioration

Benefits of Decktec

With one fixed spacer, Decktec self corrects every time you lay a pair of boards. In the case of oversized boards our removable spacer collapses to consume the excess. It therefore accommodates a variance, of 1.5mm. This is a problem in all decking projects where tradesmen would normally correct the indifferences progressively. Not anymore.

The collapsible spacer is removed at the end of the project to allow for natural expansion of the decking boards in wet and humid climates eliminating the effect of binding and cupping. As for the fixed spacer, we have designed it with a 1mm triangular ridge which will penetrate the decking timbers through times of expansion, again eliminating the chance of cupping.

reduces labour
by more than 50%

perfect alignment

weatherproof + protect
joist timbers

eliminates the risk
of warpage

start from multiple
positions with confidence

made with 100%
recycled product

UV stabilised

For a simple How to guide, visit Decktec’s How To Page

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