Decktec Decking System

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Decktec’s systems

Light weight and durable, Decktec Decking Strips are manufactured with easily removed spacers and fixed spacers with 1mm ridges able to penetrate timber with lateral expansion in damp and humid conditions.

Proudly Australian designed, owned and manufactured.

1. Removable Spacer *

  • Lay boards either side in pairs for a perfect deck
  • Offset spacers will compress with oversize boards
  • Open centres for string line or laser
  • Easily removed on completion

* Spacers are 5mm thick for 86mm & 90mm strips; 6mm thick for 135mm & 140mm

2. Fixed Spacer *

  • 1mm triangular ridges allow for lateral timber expansion
  • Tested to 1200KPa
  • Holds bowed boards and maintains straightness

3. Recessed Fixing Points

  • Clouts finish flush
  • Will not foul decking screws

4. Winged Edges

  • Deflects water and grime
  • Protects the joist

Uv Stabilised

Decktec Decking System is protected from direct sunlight when in use, extending the life of deck and protecting your asset.

Environmentally Friendly

Decktec is manufactured using 100% recycled material, conserving natural resources, landfill space and energy.

100% Australian Made

When you buy Australian made you know that you’re getting a high quality product that is built to last.

Available in 4 Sizes:


Cartons (24 Pack) cover 26.2 L/M • 6 Pack cover 6.552 L/M • 1092mm long • Suits up to 50mm joists


Cartons (24 Pack) cover 27.36 L/M • 6 Pack cover 6.84 L/M • 1140mm long • Suits up to 50mm joists


Cartons (24 Pack) cover 27.17 L/M • 6 Pack cover 6.9 L/M • 1132mm long • Suits up to 50mm joists


Cartons (24 Pack) cover 28.03 L/M • 6 Pack cover 7.008 L/M • 1168mm long • Suits up to 50mm joists

Perfect decks, twice as fast

Manufactured to the highest quality, the Decktec Decking System is available in Cartons (Box of 24) or convenient 6 Packs, meaning whatever the project, large or small, we’ve got your next job sorted.

Carton RRP $199 AUD

Each box includes 80x25mm Clouts & 20 weather proof joining pads

6 Pack RRP $49.95 AUD

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