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Our Story so Far

Decktec is the brain child of Pete Haas. Pete has worked in the building industry and built decks since 1987.

In 2015 Pete became increasingly frustrated with the lack of innovation, improvement and certainty in the deck laying space.

Pete foresaw an opportunity for a product that could act as a space assembly whilst allowing for board movement and protect the structure’s joists all in one.


Pete’s initial thoughts was an aluminium spacing strip, and although it made provision as a space assemble, the spacing stand ups wouldn’t allow for the natural expansion and movement of timber boards, nor would the aluminium profile allow for the protection of the joists from the elements.

Pete went about studying the structural qualities of polypropylene, and discovered it had excellent chemical resistance, tensile strength, fatigue resistance, was light weight, durable, pliable and was stronger with a higher temperature rating to other similar plastics.

Polypropylene answered Pete’s joist protection requirements, but didn’t rectify the issue fixed spacings brought about with boards binding and cupping.


Pete understood through his experience and understanding of the behaviour of timber in varying climates, that he needed to engineer a solution that provided perfect board spacing, without jeopardising the ability for boards to expand and contract in moist and humid conditions.

No less than 6 possible solutions where tendered and dismissed before it struck Pete that every second spacer needed to be not only collapsible but also removable after the installation of the deck, thus was born the concept of Decktec’s Deck Strip.


Decktec Pty Ltd

Decktec is a privately owned Australian start up, incorporated in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

Our Mission

Decktec’s mission is to manufacture and distribute the highest quality products, and empower the user to deliver certainty and longevity on every single deck.

Proudly Australian

Decktec is an Australian owned and operated company. We manufacture 100% of our products in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle

Decktec uses 100% recycled polypropylene for our manufacturing, and package our product in 100% recyclable cartons.

Decktec Pty Ltd- ABN 80 617 378 971

Postal                  PO Box 161, The Junction, NSW, 2291

Head Office       Suite 110b, 10-16 Kenrick Street, The Junction, NSW, 2291

Phone                 1300 235 044

Email                   [email protected]

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